State and Regional Projects

Some states are working to engage their producers, haulers, and packing plant personnel to apply the National SPS Plan to the uniqueness of their swine industry. Available state/region specific information is provided below. Is your state working on a plan but is not listed? Contact us


The Colorado Department of Agriculture (CDA) has developed an emergency disease response plan for swine specific to Colorado. Additional plans and guidelines are available on the CDA emergency response website.

Project Contact:


Securing Indiana’s Pork Supply

The Indiana State Board of Animal Health is working with pork producers and swine veterinarians to increase awareness of Indiana’s approach to disease response and animal movement during a foreign animal disease outbreak. 5 action items have been identified as vital preparedness items for pork producers to participate in Indiana’s implementation of the national Secure Pork Supply plan.

For more information, contact Kelli Werling, DVM at 317-544-2400 or


Kansas Implementation of the SPS Plan website

The Kansas Department of Agriculture is working with pork producers, haulers, and packers through outreach workshops and biosecurity plan development to increase awareness of Kansas’ approach to animal movement in a foreign animal disease outbreak.

Project Contact:

  • Kelly Oliver, Animal Health Planner, Kansas Department of Agriculture, (o) 785-564-6608,


Information coming soon.