Surveillance Guidance

Surveillance of animals for FMD, CSF, and ASF involves close observation and testing. This is also referred to as “disease monitoring” in the pork producer materials. Surveillance in the SPS Plan is the ability to demonstrate a lack of evidence of FMD, CSF, or ASF in order to request a movement permit. Potential surveillance methods are described in the Surveillance Guidance document including:

  • Virological surveillance (such as oral swabs, tonsils, nasal swabs, whole blood, and oral fluids*)
  • Conducting Active Observational Surveillance (AOS) daily by trained Swine Health Monitors employed by the premises
  • Periodic inspection of animals and AOS records by Accredited Veterinarians under the authority of Responsible Regulatory Officials
  • Follow-up laboratory testing for animals with any suspicious clinical signs

At this time, the ability to provide a very high degree of confidence that animals are negative for FMD, CSF, or ASF virus using currently available, validated laboratory testing methods, and sample collection protocols for large groups or certain types of animals is limited. Diagnostic tests to be performed and sampling protocols may evolve throughout the outbreak based on new knowledge and technology.

Watch video on Oral fluid sampling guidelines (9:09 mins)

*Research is ongoing to validate oral fluids as a diagnostic sample.